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Ryebucks Portables Warranty


1. Limited Warranty – Australia

1.1. This Limited Warranty is provided by Ryebucks Portables Pty Ltd ACN 623 185 848 (us, our, we) in relation to any physical product we supply (Products) and which work in conjunction with our website (Site), collectively referred as our Services.

1.2. This Limited Warranty applies in conjunction with our terms and conditions and gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other or additional legal rights under the laws of your jurisdiction. The disclaimers, exclusions, and limitations of liability under this Limited Warranty will not apply to the extent prohibited by applicable law. It only extends to the original purchaser of the Products, rather than any end user.

2. Warranty Scope

2.1. The original purchaser of the Product in Australia from us has rights under this Limited Warranty.

2.2. This Limited Warranty does not cover customer training and education, installation, set up or adjustment, signal or reception problems, or any replacement parts or repair provided in accordance with this Limited Warranty.

3. Limited Warranty

3.1. We warrant the Product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) months from the date of purchase (Warranty Period).

3.2. If a Product is returned to us during the Warranty Period as provided below, and we determine that the Product is defective, subject to clause 6, we will either:

3.2.1. repair the Product;

3.2.2. replace the Product or any defective components or parts with a new or refurbished Product, component or part; or

3.2.3. refund the original purchase price in return for the Product in the form of credit with us.

3.3. If our Product comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Product repaired or replaced if the Product fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

3.4. We do not warrant that the Products are fit for any specific purpose or use, and will not be liable to you in any way for the manner in which you use the Products or any alterations or amendments that you make to the Products after we provide them to you. 4.Return and Warranty Service Process

4.1. To obtain warranty service or to return a Product to us, you must write to us at 21 Wiltshire Lane, Delacombe or send us an email at with your contact details and a description of the issue and photos (if relevant).

4.2. You must include the following information with your warranty claim:

4.2.1. photographic evidence of the issue/s;

4.2.2. proof of purchase; and

4.2.3. serial number and physical location of the Product.

4.3. We may attempt to troubleshoot a warranty-related problem immediately or ask for additional information.

4.4. If we agree that you may return a Product, your Product must be shipped to us freight prepaid at our expense, together with proof of purchase and all accessories, either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection. Failure to return any of the accessories may result in a delay of refund payment or service and/or result in a reduction of your refund, a credit to us or an invoice for the missing accessories.

4.5. We may at our discretion perform a warranty service at the premises where the Products are situated. If we act in accordance with this clause, you agree to pay our costs and expenses associated with attending the premises, including but not limited to all travel costs and expenses.

5. Replacement Parts

5.1. In performing service under this Limited Warranty, we may furnish new or refurbished replacement parts on an exchange basis.

5.2. You agree to reimburse us for the inspection, testing and repair of returned Products determined by us not to be defective or which falls under one of the warranty exclusions described below.

5.3. In all cases, our determination as to whether or not a Product is defective and covered by this Limited Warranty will be final. You will pay all shipping and handling charges related to shipping back to you any Product that we determine not to be defective.

5.4. Any replacement or repair does not extend the warranty period under clause

3.1. 6. Exclusions from Limited Warranty This Limited Warranty does not cover damage or defects to the Product due to, or caused by:

6.1. forces beyond our reasonable control, such as internet or power outages, power surges, fires, earthquakes, floods or other events of “force majeure,” accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use or modification of, or to any part of your Product;

6.2. any third-party product, service or system, use of the Product for purposes other than for which the Product was designed or intended, use in improper temperature, humidity or other unsuitable environmental conditions, or use of the Product in violation of written instructions provided by us;

6.3. normal wear and tear or aging;

6.4. improper repair, operation or maintenance or connections to electricity supply other than as recommended, or attempted repair by anyone other than us;

6.5. use of the Product for purposes other than for which the Product was designed or intended;

6.6. siting of the Product on footing or foundations that are not suitable based on the nature of the Product;

6.7. any internal fixtures or fittings; or

6.8. misuse of the Product contrary to written instructions provided by us (which may be provided at the time of purchase or on our website.

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