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What are the standard cabin sizes?

As our units are custom built we can supply any and all sizes from 2.4m x 2.4m up to 12m long x 4.8m wide. All of our units can be supplied modular so its possible to select two different sizes that join to form a very spacious and comfortable living space.

Its common for one module to contain multiple bedrooms while the second one may contain kitchen/bathroom and living areas. This method provides customers with the flexibility of having a fully portable dwelling with up to perhaps six bedrooms, kitchen, living, bathroom and a laundry.

  • A common size for backyard offices, hobbies etc is 4m x 2.5m
  • Single room multi use units are typically 5m to 6m long x 3m or 3.4m wide
  • Single bedroom dwellings with bathrooms and kitchens commonly range from 7m – 9m long with widths of 3.4m and 4m.
  • Larger units with full amenities and greater living areas or multiple bedrooms are often 10m, 11m or 12m long with widths of 4m, 4.5m or 4.8m.
  • Amenities blocks come in all shapes and sizes from a single toilet-shower unit up to very large multi-cubicle commercial bathroom complexes.
  • A YardPod is 4.8m (including deck) x 2.5m
  • A VillaPod is 6m (including deck) x 3.4m.

How long does it take to build a portable cabin for me?

Once the build plan is finalised and we receive a 30% deposit on order the cabin is added to our build list. We are a family company with a focus on quality, cabins are not rushed out the door so actual delivery time will depend on the complexity of the cabin, it’s size, and what orders are already in the system. We give each customer an indication of build time prior to the deposit being paid to ensure the lead time is satisfactory.

How does your Warranty work?

Ryebucks portable cabins are built with the best quality Australian materials, we only use BAL40 rated Bondor panel made in Melbourne. Our portables come with a 10 Years structural warranty. Highly regarded, Bondor insulated panel is the original and remains the industry leader in Structural Insulated Panel technology. Their products are used in houses as well commercial and industrial buildings throughout the country.

I have special requirements, can you help me?

Apart from offering a complete choice of colours, sizes and configurations we can build a unit tailored to your individual needs. This may include a special need layout to bathrooms and kitchens, disability fixtures or simply handrails throughout. We can even build a cabin with a lower overall height enabling the cabin to fit under obstacles at the site. Visually you can choose your colour while internally we offer no cost options of Laminex bench tops in an array of colours complementing the cabinetry of your choice. Contact us for a full list of options available.

How do I get my cabin to my site and what do I need to sit my cabin on?

This depends entirely on the size of the unit and the site. Commonly a tilt tray truck is the best way to transport your cabin. Our cabins are strong enough to allow for cranes to lift the cabin over buildings or other obstacles. With our strong steel chassis the cabin can be placed straight on the ground for example in a farming environment. You can level out some concrete pavers and place the cabin on those. Anchoring the cabin down is simple but will depend on site considerations. If the cabin is a Class 1a build the foundations required will be specified in the application and need to be completed by the customer or a contractor before delivery.

Can you build them on site?

Our cabins are built in our Wodonga or Ballarat facilities and are ready to be transported to your site once complete. This means no interruptions to your daily life, and that we can ensure a high build quality on our cabins.

Can you build more than one cabin for me?

Yes, the facilities in our factory allow us to build multiple portable units. For larger more spacious cabins an L shaped two module cabin provides a terrific usable space. Another great approach is to have two cabins (or modules) facing each other but separated by perhaps four metres. This four metre space is then filled with a deck and a clear span roof creating an alfresco dining area or play area for children. You effectively get a large very comfortable living environment for minimal outlay.

What are your shipping fees?

Whilst we don’t transport units ourselves we put customers in touch with independent freight companies who are very experienced and will move your unit at a competitive price.

All of our units are able to be shifted with ease, a standard tilt tray is commonly used. A super tilt may be required on the largest units. An important consideration in assessing transport cost is width. While we build units up to 4.8m wide, less than 3.5m wide is the most cost effective as an escort vehicle is not required.

All of our units are able to be craned into position, this cost will depend on access and distance over objects. Importantly you will need to discuss your site access considerations with the contractor for example; gateways, trees, power lines, soft ground as well as manoeuvring area for the truck. Our units are able to be transported Australia wide.

Why is Ryebucks Portables the best place to buy a Cabin, Office, or Amenities Block?

We are a family owned and run company that offers years of practical experience. We employ a great team that are dedicated and passionate about supplying a terrific product at an unbeatable price. As a small business we are able to be flexible and sympathetic to each customers individual needs ensuring the transportable is perfect for its intended use.

Unlike a modified shipping container our units are manufactured by us from the ground up, focusing on liveability and durability while always remaining fully portable. This ensures many years of dependable use in whatever environment the unit is placed.

Do I need council approval?

For smaller cabins the answer is generally no, however it is up to you as the customer to contact your own local council and discuss your plans. Each circumstance is different and council regulations may vary but all of our units can be supplied Class 1a for council should they require it. Keep in mind our units are fully portable at all time.

Whilst we don’t get involved in site work, nor can we advise customers on site issues or council applications, we can offer the details of an independent experienced building consultant who can assist you with council application.

Council approvals are site specific, once this process is complete we are them given a build specification allowing us to supply a unit that complies with your specific local and state government requirements

How is air conditioning installed?

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